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iTouchBooth Services

When we sit down with
a you, the client, we make
sure we understand all of
your needs, and what kind
of services you are looking
for from us for your event.


Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we sit down and plan out exactly how your templates will look, and what kind of social media campaign will best suite the event and clientel. Once the event is planned out, we custom design the
photo templates specifically
to fit your brand. We can also
custom design props, screen
wraps, and backdrops, to
really draw the customers in.

With our state-of-the-art
open air photo booth, we
not only combine all the
best features of the classic
photo booth with cutting
edge social media, our booth
also draws large amounts of
foot traffic because of the
sleek design.

After the event, we make sure to follow up and keep track of the results of the social media campaign, so that way, you, the client, know exactly how much exposure we were able to get for you.

About Us

iTouch Booth is a group of wedding/event professionals and techies who collectively saw a need for something new in an industry that had not kept up with the changing times. Be it trade show, gala, wedding, convention, or launch party, all elements at these events need to capture attention and leave an impression. Sadly, the drabby, shabby, cloth closet photo booths of the past have become outdated, campy, and somewhat of an eyesore, even though the services it provides are helpful for providing a fun atmosphere at events. The people at iTouch Booth saw an opportunity for renovation of the concept, and thus the iTouch canvas was born. This is a photo booth without the pesky booth. No longer does all the fun have to be crammed in to a room, fitting only one or two people. Now, with the state of the art open air, touch screen design, up to 20 people can get in on the fun at one time!

Not only has iTouch retooled the design of the photo booth, we have also brought its services into the digital age, providing real time social media uploads and email features, making it possible for guests to share their fun memories with their friends instantly. This feature is especially helpful for tradeshows and conventions, because it provides the client with a list of data captured emails, and facebook profiles gaining tons of promotion. When you go with iTouch, your company provides engaging entertainment to guests, while gaining exponenial exposure

Our crew is dedicated to providing a fun, yet professional experience, using cutting edge technology, and first-rate service & support. No matter what the client’s custom needs are for their specific marketing campaign, we will deliver above and beyond.